Friday, January 28, 2011

More Snow!!

Well, with all of this snow and being stuck in the house I have found some time to get back to work. I absolutely love dress forms. I have six of them in my studio that have been waiting quite a while for a new look. The chic madame above was newly adorned with vintage ribbons and a vintage curtain tack. I will be dressing the others in the coming weeks.

It's a well known fact among my friends and family that I am a ribbon freak. I was so excited that my first order to arrive from the Atlanta Gift Mart was a box full of beautiful silk and satin ribbons. I love the way they look on the shabby tags.

I'm sure everyone is talking about the snow but I had to add to it. I do not ever remember this much snow on the ground or this many snow days, early dismissals and late openings for school! Waking up to another 14" after 24" two weeks ago with additional inches in between just about put me over the edge. It is really beautiful but I am so done!! We are a skiing family so you'd think I would like the snow. Yes I would, in VT!! (which by the way, is not getting as much as we are here in CT). So here are a few pics from yesterdays storm:The one below is looking out my upstairs bathroom window. Big icicles!!

Way out in the backyard. I thought it was cool with the flag.

Out my back door ... we need to shovel so the dog can actually get out!

A view out the front door. Where is my car and where is the stone wall???

Fed Ex just dropped off a huge box full of wonderful pink and white metal hooks, chandeliers, canisters ... gotta go unpack!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Atlanta Gift Mart

We are back from shopping the huge and inspiring Atlanta Gift Mart. I go once a year (hopefully twice this year) with my mother. We spend four days walking I can't imagine how many miles around three huge buildings full of amazing merchandise trying to find just the right things for our shops. It is a whole lot of fun and very exhausting. This year we did especially well finding lots of new and exciting merchandise. I am thrilled to be adding a line of handmade vintage looking gorgeous jewelry. The hard part will be waiting the five or so weeks for it to arrive!!

One really fun thing ... we happened to be at the Bethany Lowe booth at the perfect time. Bethany and some of her designers were all decked out in Halloween costumes signing and giving away fun little trinkets (I got the sweet little glitter pumpkin bucket shown above). The whole huge showroom was rocking with people, food, drinks, etc. I love her stuff so it was great to meet her. We also got to see Patience Brewster although we didn't talk to her. I flip over her stuff every time I see it!!

I did not bring my camera because you really aren't supposed to take pictures. I snapped a few with my phone but I have no idea how to get them from there to here.

I will be listing all of our fabulous new goodies as they arrive ...

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