Monday, August 31, 2009

Shabby Chic Decorating 2

I have to admit that I have a "thing" for vintage frames. I buy them constantly and find a use for them later. I thought I'd share a few today. Most of you know I hand paint and distress furniture and mirrors. I love to take an old frame, paint it white and add a new mirror like above. My favorites are original chippy paint frames that are great as is. I love to layer them on the wall with other things ... (old chippy paint doors work too).
This is actually soft green shades that all match but it's hard to see in the photo.

I bought this as is ... a vintage frame, hand painted, with a piece of gorgeous vintage fabric.
This last photo is hanging in my bathroom. I've had this pink window frame forever but I just love that it's pink. So, next time you drive by an old frame out by the trash, stop and pick it up. So many possibilities .
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Make Mine Pink Friday

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Friday August 28th

Getting Organized has taken on a new look! From being strictly functional to being functional and stylish has become the latest and greatest way of getting and staying organized. Pretty and stylish organization means that you no longer have to hide everything away in back room closets and filing cabinets. Instead, old locker baskets painted pink and stylishly chic organizers help you get organized in creative ways.
By using decorative boxes, vintage baskets and embellished magazine organizers, you can carry your decorating theme throughout your home, office, and even your laundry room!
When you need to organize, forget about boring boxes and folders that will keep everything out of sight. Instead, look around you for creative ways to accent your d├ęcor and store everything you need within arm's reach.

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Make Mine Pink

Monday, August 24, 2009

Shabby Chic Decorating

Throughout the year I always pick up pieces I like at shops, flea markets, etc. I hold onto them until the mood to decorate strikes me. That usually happens a few times a year. (meanwhile my kids are saying, "here she goes again") while I'm running around with hammer, nails and stuff! Anyway, the past few weeks I've been at it again and thought I would share a few photos. My house is a small cape so there really aren't a whole lot of spaces to decorate but I try ...

This picture is one of my favorites that I've had forever. I found the wood valence at Brimfield, loved it, but had no idea where I would put it. I think this works.
I love original, chippy paint. To me it's the ultimate in shabby chic. This was a great find a while back. I added the mirror the other day behind the chandelier to dress it up a little and make it all pop.

My mantel has been boring for a long time. I added a few more pieces I picked up at our shop to add to it. I had hung the garland for a photo then decided to leave it there. I think it needs a little more ... I'm sure I'll find a few more things in my travels.

This is a little built in bookshelf area that I just needed a few more pieces for ... I added the garland and the two architectural pieces.
I got a flat screen t.v. for my birthday to replace the outdated monster that used to be there. Eventhough the black is still a big eyesore in the room, I was able to use a daintier piece of furniture to display it. I still need to find a way to hide the outlet and black cord. I added the oval mirror above to take your eye away from it a bit.
A little "vignette" in my room by the window.
This is a chippy paint frame in pink that I found in Brimfield. I love it! Ironically, it is the same pink as the chippy paint frame I had hanging in this spot already. It really finished the whole thing I had going on there.
This is the area next to my bed. Love the frame!
I have been pouring over books and blogs looking for (and drooling over ) wonderful shabby chic decorating ideas. One day I'll get there!
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please join us for Make Mine Pink Friday:
The Secrets of Mother's Jewelry Box

Mother's jewelry box is a treasure trove for little girls and grownup daughters. No matter our age, our imaginations become colorful and childlike when we open her box of secrets.. As a child, we're convinced that somewhere in the magnificent box lives a fairy who can tell all the secrets that lie amongst these treasures, and if we listen hard enough, we'll hear the stories it can tell.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vintage Bauble & Blue Crabs

How about these blue crabs? I took my boys and their friend crabbing today and they caught a dozen keepers and another dozen or so that had to go back. It is a super hot day but being by the water helped and it kept them busy. Blue crabs are my favorite summer seafood!!!

Now more my style ... a few new vintage baubles I came across that I will be listing sometime this week. Don't you just love vintage glitz???

Friday, August 14, 2009

Block Island, Rhode Island

This past Wed. my hubby, two boys and I spent the day riding bikes on Block Island, R.I. For those who don't know, it is a very small island about 13 miles off of the coast of R.I. We took the high speed ferry so it's a quick trip. It was an overcast day which was great for bike riding but not so great for photos! The island has so many old buildings and hotels. One of the coolest things as you ride the road that goes around the whole island, is all of the old stone walls, still in great shape, all over. Years ago people farmed and divided their fields and pastures with these walls. I didn't get a photo of them but I have a few others to share:
Very inviting seating as we started our ride! I LOVE pink!!
A funny sign at one of the docks.
Almost all of the houses are are naturally weathered shingles. They can paint the trim and doors any color. This one had green trim and beautiful flowers. The hydrangeas grow like mad out there in all shades.
I love the look of this house with the turquoise door
This is a new house being built with new, unweathered shingles
We stopped on one of the lookout spots on a cliff. The beach below is filled with people. They had to walk down a very long stairway, which you can see part of in the photo below, to get there.

This is my youngest on the stairway and no, he did not walk the whole thing. The bike riding was hard enough!
LOVE this cute little house. It sits on a curve right across from the ocean.
Relaxing on the beach before taking the ferry home.
Great day ... good food ... but I really felt the 8 mile plus bike ride (I'm not one to exercise too much!)
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cozy Seaside Cottage ... Vintage Mirrors

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Friday August 14th as we present
Cozy Seaside Cottage

Cozy seaside cottage decor provides an opportunity to repurpose discarded furniture and decor that no longer fits in your home or day to day lifestyle. Items that have been well-loved because of the special memories they hold or just because of the way they catch your eye will fit in perfectly in your home away from home.

Cozy seaside cottage style conjures up visions of pure white with accents of blues, greens and painted white furniture.

Each corner of a seaside cottage is filled with the beauty of the sea and favorite memories.

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Make Mine Pink

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hand Stamped Pendants

Mother/Grandmother necklaces ... Personalized Pendants
This is an early preview of a new line I have added to our home party business. They will also be available on my website once I get organized and have all of the materials needed. They are custom sterling silver pendants, hand stamped and brushed, meant to look a little rough. They are available in different size discs with different color swarovski crystals (or not). They are all the rage right now. Very cool piece of jewelry. Perfect gifts! I personally love the tiny discs with just my childrens' initials on them. You can add more than one bead, several discs, whatever you want. All pieces are custom made. They come on either a ball chain or a snake chain. Great for Mom & Grandma or your daughter to wear her own name.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Please join us Friday August 7th

Teas can be used to celebrate many occasions. Whether it's a mother and daughter tea party, a bridal tea, a special time with friends or some quiet time by yourself, it's always the right time for a tea party.

Whether at your home or at a formal tea service, a cup of tea adds a sophisticated and soothing touch to your everyday routine.

Enjoy special pricing on Pink Friday items!!

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