Monday, March 22, 2010

funky belts

This was a playing around a bit week. Along with my painting business, I have a home party business with my friend. At the last show we found these funky belt buckles. We had to order a few and see what we could do with them so ...

The one above had beautiful soft colors. I pulled out a few of those colors and combined ribbons to make the strap.

This one was really fun ... I made a strap with the solid black ribbon with a black gingham ribbon down the center. I then took bits and pieces of ribbons, buttons and trims and randomly attached them. It came out kind of wild but I think it's fun.

This one has the black and white floral ribbon with the black trim on the front. It is backed with the same ribbon but in orange and white.

I love this animal print ribbon ... I liked the way it looked with the buckle. I added a complimentary animal print for the loop and two suede flowers with pearl buttons.

I didn't forget about Cottage Flair this week. I found this very unusual piece a few weeks ago. Someone told me what it is called but I forgot. The front lifts down to a desk. I still need to add a nice knob ... It's hand painted and distressed. I love the detail on it and the beveled mirror. (Excuse the photos in my messy workshop. I haven't moved it to our store yet).

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Make Mine Pink Friday

Please join us for shopping with a twist

Friday March 19th 2010

"Easter Memories"

At Cottage Flair and Make Mine Pink, you'll always find the perfect treasures to remind friends and family of their favorite Easter memories, and to create new ones they will savor.

Cottage Flair

Make Mine Pink

Monday, March 15, 2010

Finally Finished!!

Some of you may remember this project I started back at the end of January. I had this lovely table and chair set that had so much potential to be pretty again. I had a vision for it and I am quite happy with how it turned out. (Of course, I had to paint it white!!)

A little how to: First you need to lightly sand and then clean the pieces. The second step is to apply a coat of primer (I use oil based primer and paint). Next I apply two coats of paint. Finally, I take a power sander and distress the piece wherever I feel it needs it. As for the chairs, I recovered the seats with batting and white denim. I purchased the gorgeous linen seat covers ... the customer has the option of purchasing the chairs with the denim or adding the seat covers. Personally, I think the linen covers add so much to the look.

Here it is all set up at the shop.

I love the lines and detail on the table and the chairs. I wish I had room in my house to keep it!!
This week, for the first time, I am participating in Metamorphis Monday on
Between Naps on the porch. Stop by!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Make Mine Pink Friday

Make Mine Pink Friday
March 12th
Office Chic
When I look around at all the beautiful and creative work spaces of my peers, I can’t help but notice that a new trend in office decorating has emerged. Office and studio spaces are no longer drab, monotonous and strictly functional. Instead, the utilitarian look we usually expect in work spaces is being replaced by chic and feminine décor. More and more, I'm seeing office spaces that are fashionable, fun and full of creativity – just like the women who use them. When you work in a space that is pretty as well as calming, your imagination and creativity will flourish.

Cottage Flair Make Mine Pink

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Make Mine Pink Friday

Every now and then, it's fun to take a detour from the everyday by adding playful touches to our routines. It doesn't even need to be something outrageous. Sometimes, adding just a "touch o' whimsy" is all it takes to spice things up.

It can be fun to add whimsical touches to our homes too. Having a beautiful home doesn't mean you can't let your playful side shine through. In fact, I think it's just the opposite. If you find something that makes you smile or gives you a feeling of pleasure, you should joyfully include that piece in your décor. It's those special little touches that bring your unique personality into your home and make it truly special.

Celebrate your whimsical side and surround yourself with things that make you smile.