Thursday, April 30, 2009

Please join us
Friday May 1, 2009 as we present
"Romantic Delights"

Remember when you realized that your mom was the most beautiful of all? And every Mother's Day since then, you've wished for a way to say thank you for all the gifts she's given you. Romantic delights - exquisite creations that inspire remembrance of times past - also inspire gifts for Mom this Mother's Day.

You'll find romantic treats to delight any mother at Make Mine Pink

It's Shop Hop time again ...
Just in time for Mother's Day
May 4th - 10th
MMP Shop Hops are a type of contest where you try to find as many MMP “shopping bags” as you can. Each of our participating boutiques has hidden a shopping bag image on its website that says, “You Found It!” on the tag. Click this image to return to Make Mine Pink and get credit for finding it. The more bags you find, the better your chances of winning great prizes.
Click on the link below to get started. It's great fun ... won't you join us?!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I had such a fun time Saturday morning with my younger son. We went to a town wide tag sale in the next town over. We got up early and headed out to the elementary school to pick up our map. You need to understand that we live a bit in the "boonies" and I don't know my way around this town. Often times my GPS can't even find a satellite! So, with a wish and a prayer, off we went. I tried to follow the map but I'm not too good with maps so we decided to just follow tag sale signs. When all was said and done, I think we hit about 15 sales. We both found a few goodies and enjoyed each others company. I'd say it was a successful trip.
This piece is in disparate need of a few coats of paint which is right up my alley. I love the shape of it and the pretty lines and carvings.

This was white and got a few coats of light pink. Just in time for our home and garden sale in a few weeks.

I LOVE vintage china and consider the day worthwhile when I find a few pretty pieces. I just listed them on my site.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday, April 24, 2009 as we present "Lavender and Lace"

A lavender field in full bloom creates a purple and green landscape and infuses a sweet fragrance into the air. A field of flowers brought to life with the buzzing of bees, decorated with birds and butterflies drawn to its fragrant aroma. The lavender fragrance wafts gently through the air, carrying the memories of flowers, happiness, and sunny days.

Far away, a summer porch, framed by windows with white lace, is surrounded with the scent of lavender. Lavender blooming in window boxes and flower pots, or decorating a flower garden with their purple blossoms. Whether along a country road or on a city street, the lavender scent embraces all indiscriminately.

Too beautiful to remain outdoors, the fragrance of lavender easily enters our homes and daily lives. From a carefully tended flowerbed we pick a tiny bunch and place it in a hand-cut crystal bud vase, where it can brighten a corner as it sits upon a vintage lace doily. Tuck a sprig of the tiny flowers into the lace band of a broad-brimmed summer hat, carrying the beautiful fragrance with us wherever we go. Or perhaps lay it inside a dresser drawer. Tie it with a tiny scrap of lace and hang it upon a wall, set it upon a shelf.

lavender and WickerIn a drawer or as a lavender bouquet tied with apple-green organdy ribbon, edged with a dainty row of lace, the loveliness of lavender is impossible to contain. An elegant centerpiece set upon an antique table draped with a vintage lace table cloth, it's a feast for more than the eyes as the fragrant aroma declares its presence. Sunlight shining through the lacy curtains warms the room and casts delicate shadows upon the wall. Suddenly, the room seems draped in a lavender landscape and fields of lace.

Please click on the links below to visit Cottage Flair and Make Mine Pink

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I just had to post about the new styles of OKA b. Madison sandals that arrived today. I have carried this line for a year now and I just love these slides. They are not only adorable, they are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. And, they are completely recyclable with the company. They make new shoes using the old ones mixed with new materials. How cool is that?!

Take a peek at all of the styles @

P.S. I also listed some new furniture pieces for Pink Friday
I "recycle" by refreshing vintage furniture with new paint for new uses in your home decor

Pink Friday ... Keep it Green!!!
April 17th

Restoring and repurposing vintage products keeps the earth clean while we decorate our homes and our lives. Suddenly following the 3 R's - reducing, reusing, and recycling - is much more than environmentally friendly. Now it's about making everyday things more beautiful. From home decor to fashion accessories, recycling is the way to go!!! Click on the links below to visit Cottage Flair and Make Mine Pink

Monday, April 13, 2009

Show and Tell Monday ... So this is the ongoing saga of the chair project. Some of you may remember me posting the original photo of this chair a long time ago. A few weeks ago I started working on it, posted a few photos and stopped. I finally got around to ordering the upholstery tacks and finished it up over the weekend. I wanted soft greenish turquoise tacks and the picture looked like the correct color but you never know. Well, I was thrilled when they came because the color was perfect. So to finish, I attached the main fabric with the tacks. I hand stitched the ruffle along the bottom and then hot glued the velvet ribbon all the way around. I am a novice at this so there are definitely imperfections but overall, I was happy with the result. Now, where to put it? I sure wish I had an organized, beautiful workroom to put it in!
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Please join us on April 10th
Pink Friday ... For the Birds

Spring is here, and you don't even need to look outside your kitchen window or open your front door to know it. Just waking up to the sweet melody of a backyard robin cheerily singing outside your window is enough to tell you that life is renewed and spring is reborn. The birds of spring have returned and the earth reawakens.

No matter where we live, or what the season, avian accessories create eternal springtime in our homes too. Birds and their nests placed carefully upon our shelves, painted delicately on a wall, stitched on a delicate needlepoint. Perhaps we invite into our homes the same birds we see each spring.

Parrot green, robin's egg blue, bright canary yellow, flamingo pink. A rainbow of color unfurls inside and out of our homes in the hopes of eternal spring.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Show and Tell Monday .... We had a busy weekend with friends and kids. It was finally somewhat warm out (although Saturday night it was a toss up as to whether it was raining or snowing). I love when it gets warm because the kids spend all day outside playing with their friends. This week they are on vacation so I don't anticipate getting too much done. I even painted my nails yesterday which I haven't done in a very long time knowing I wouldn't be covered in paint.
This cute little dressing table and vanity chair are headed to the shop today.
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Don't forget to stop by MMP to play the slots (see post below).

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Pink Slot machine is open at Make Mine Pink.
Give it a try ... you could win a great prize!

April 5 - 14th

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink
Marie Antionette
She has become quite the popular lady these days! She even has her own magazine debuting this week ...
The boutiques at Make Mine Pink are all featuring their own special products depicting Marie. Stop by Friday, April 3rd.

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