Monday, June 27, 2011

Porch Addition Part 3

Remember the before pic of the kitchen cabinet ... below is the redo ... same cabinet but I changed the whole kitchen to a soft, cottagey blue with white walls. It's amazing what a little bit of paint and a bigger bit of time can do.

This is one wall in between the sink and the stove

This is the full view of the shelf that hangs over the stove

Here is the view from the new room into the kitchen. I really like the blue ... I liked the green too but it was time for a change and I love to paint!!

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This is the fixture that hangs over the sink. Again, I really like it but it needs to change to fit the room better so ... I spray painted a chandelier I wasn't using with white and hand painted parts with the cabinet paint. It needs the crystals put back on and then we can hang it.
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I have to run for now ... next post will be the new room all decorated (I'm almost finished!!)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Porch Addition Part 2

Here is installment number 2 of the addition ... All of the windows are in and the outside has been sided and painted.

Notice anything different? Years ago I took a photo of a porch in Newport that I loved. They had these extra decorative pieces put on and I thought it was the perfect touch. However, my husband, who has let me have full control over this project was not so sure about this part. Eventually, we painted them the same color as the house so they did not stand out so much and I actually like it better too.

So ... here is the inside. My original plan was to wainscoat the ceiling and sheet rock the inside. My builder suggested we do the opposite because of all of the funny angles in the ceiling. I am thrilled with the results!! I love beadboard and I think it looks perfect on the walls in this space! I know you can't see it in the photo but the finished photos to come really show it off.

I have a whole lot of painting to do!!!

These are two pics of the kitchen in the "before" stage. The porch addition is part of the kitchen so it was perfect timing for a new paint job. (Excuse the mess ... we were in remodel mode!)

Thanks for visiting ... more to come

Monday, June 20, 2011

Porch Addition Part 1

We started a small kitchen/porch addition project back when there was snow on the ground. It's something I have wanted to do for six years (and my dream photo of it has been on my vision board for three years!).
My intention was to blog as we went along but that did not happen. I have just put up the finishing touches so I thought I'd share the progress with a few posts:

On the side of the house where you can see bare wood used to stand a cute but non functional screened in porch. The one thing I did like that I will miss is that it was sitting on a fieldstone foundation that unfortunately had to be removed. As you can see, we had a ton of snow so the outside part of the building process took a while.

This is what our kitchen looked like prior to taking the wall down. We had a pretty window looking out but the space was very small for our family now that the boys are older.

The framing process:

More to come ... Thanks for visiting ...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nosey Goose Home & Garden Sale

Let me start with a follow up to the chicken post below. Sadly, the outcome was not as expected. After the one little chick hatched, both mamas decided to get up off the nest while we were away so none of the chicks survived. The one little hatched chick must have been lonely because it too did not make it. My kids were both upset but I guess it's nature ... five of our six that we purchased are thriving and growing (the sixth one escaped and met with peril). It's been a tough chick Spring for our coop!!

On a happier note:
We hosted our annual Home & Garden sale at our shop, The Nosey Goose, in Madison, CT. We had a spectacular weekend weather wise and lots of customers came out to shop. I thought I'd share a few photos ... Unfortunately, (or fortunately) it was busy first thing the first day so I was not able to snap pics when the lawn was full.

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