Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cleaning out

I take a ride just about every Wednesday to my favorite junk spot with the hopes of filling my car. I then come home and load it all into my studio and storage space and pull pieces out all week to work on. The problem is that often things keep getting pushed aside and never end up being painted. As often happens in January, I get an attack of needing to clean. So that's what I did ... I cleaned up my studio (it really does look better ) and pulled out all of the forgotten pieces.

This beautiful dining table and five matching chairs needs a new paint job and new seats. I spent yesterday doing minor repairs and priming. I'm not sure what fabric to put on the seats yet but I'll be thinking about it as I paint ...

These frames have been piling up ( I have another pile too ) so I cleaned them up, will get them primed and remirrored and then off to the shop.

This lovely buffet has been hiding under stuff that I had just piled on the top. It's a great piece ...

I found this sweet little stool under the dining table ... I can't wait to give it a new paint job and pretty floral fabric ...

Here are a few more mirrors and frames I found ...

This vanity stool, already painted, has been moved from room to room waiting for a new cushion. I recovered the original seat with new batting and new fabric.

Here's a little hint: when you have a defect and don't feel like using wood fill ... add a pretty trim to hide the holes (see it peeking out from under the vintage trim?). Plus, the trim adds a lovely touch of detail ...

Well, it's Wednesday so I'm off ... my car may have to stay loaded until I move these pieces out but at least there will be room for my new treasures!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Make Mine Pink Friday

Make Mine Pink Friday
January 22nd
"Winter Whites"

Decorating with whites can be very calming and serene. White is the color of new snow under sunny skies and fresh linens drying in the breeze. Winter whites represent everything that is clean, chic, and sparkling. They create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

But when decorating with this monochromatic tone, your design elements can easily blend into one another and become lost in a sea of white. It's almost essential to break up an all-white pallet by adding visually interesting pieces to your décor. These will draw the eye up and away from the all-white background, and make the winter whites all the more stunning in contrast.

Don't let the pristine coolness of winter whites keep you from decorating in this elegant tone. A few interesting accent pieces will help you create a white décor that refreshes the eye and the spirit.

Stop by to see all of the wonderful new pieces to add something new to your decor!!

Cottage Flair

Make Mine Pink

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make Mine Pink Friday

Please join us as we present Make Mine Pink Friday
"In with the New"
January 15th

The New Year comes in, bringing with it permission to try new things that you hadn’t considered before. Or perhaps this is the year for something you’ve always wanted to try but hadn’t quite dared in decorating or with new craft projects. You can give your entire home a New Year makeover, make some changes in a favorite room, or just add new touches to a special corner.

Perhaps cottage chic is the look you wanted to try. You can combine floral patterns with checks and ticking, in colors ranging from bright hues to muted tones. Top comfortable overstuffed couches with beautifully handmade pillows and hang bright artwork on the walls. You can set an inviting table set with charming vintage plates, a vintage buffet in the corner to display your favorite collections.

Shabby chic celebrates the simple life and the comforts of home. Pastel greens, pale pinks, sky blues, muted grays, mixed together with all shades of white. Previously owned and well-loved items that have been handed down through generations are abound. Vintage china, hand painted furniture, beautiful mirrors, they all combine to create a feeling of home and the comfort of time. Give yourself permission to try something different, and celebrate the new year with a new décor. You’ll find everything that you need right here at the Boutiques of Make Mine Pink.

Cottage Flair

Make Mine Pink

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year ...

Wow ... it's been a long time since I posted on my blog. I hope everyone had a happy holiday season ... For me, like so many others, the holidays are so busy that time just gets away from me. I love the holiday season with family and friends but look forward to a quiet January and life getting back to normal. I added a few things to my site yesterday but I need to get back out to my favorite junk shops now too!! I am off to the NY Gift show at the end of the month. I can't wait!!! I LOVE going to the shows to see what's new. It is VERY cold here in CT but I try to get out and prep furniture when it's 20 or above. I did that over the weekend and did some indoor painting today. Hopefully those pieces will be done soon.

I have been having a ball making these great sterling silver hand stamped pendant necklaces. They seem to be the newest trend in custom jewelry. They have been selling like hotcakes!! Here is the link if you want to take a look ... PENDANTS

A mommy necklace with the children's initials.
A grandmother's necklace with the grandchildrens' initials.

Happy New Year ... 2010 is going to be a fabulous year!!