Monday, November 2, 2009

Shabby Chic Furniture

It was another beautiful and productive weekend here in CT. Like I mentioned in the post below, I've had some nice chunks of time to get some painting done and this weekend was the same. I finished up several pieces and got them off to the shop. (a few will be listed on my site). I did have a bit of lost time Saturday. I went to do a furniture pickup 35 minutes away. It ended up I needed to make two trips ... no big deal. But on the second trip, when I arrived at their house, I locked the keys in the car. My excuse ... it was my mother's car that I wasn't used to. Oh well, AAA came out within an hour but how dumb of me!!
The signs above are something I really enjoy doing ... I usually use new wood but sometimes I find great old architectural pieces to paint on. I found these great pieces in Brimfield.

This piece I showed in an earlier post before it was all done. I added the embellishments and glass knobs, hand painted it white and distressed it to totally change the look.

I also need to mention Halloween ... it was a great time as usual. Every year we go to my friend's house in a very fun neighborhood. Everyone comes to her house for food and drinks and then the kids go off trick or treating for a few hours, usually we go but this year they didn't want the parents (I hate that they are growing up so fast). My kids are almost too old ... the year we stop this tradition will be so sad!! We are so lucky to be able to do this every year.

And, a fun thing happened last night. My neighbor had given me an article from the New York times about Rachel Ashwell coming back. I put it aside then but finally got around to reading it last night. I'm reading along about how she has such a huge blog following by names such as Shabby Chick and Cottage Flair. I jumped up ... hey, that's me!! I love her and to be mentioned in an article about her!! How cool is that??!!
Thanks for visiting ...


Lisa said...


Awesome furniture! Love that nightstand.

Pale Pink And Roses

Marie said...

HI Jennifer,
I rely love your signs and the furniture is beautiful. I know what you mean about Halloween. I loved celebrating it with my kids, but now I just have memories...and a cocktail or two. :O)

stefanie said...

they are all sooooo beautiful!

Carolee Crafts said...

I love the furniture, wish I had the courage to try having a go but can imagine paint everywhere but where it should be!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hey, Jennifer! Thanks for the visit while I was off line!

How exciting to be mentioned in the article! Congrats!

I love your furniture pieces. Truly lovely and great work! ♥

LOUDnPROUD♥MoNeeKah♥ said...

very nice!

gail said...

Hi Jennifer, I love the signs, the furnitures is always so beautiful. I wish I lived closer to you! Your Halloween tradition sounds so fun. Ah the stuff memories are made of!
WOW about Rachel Ashwell. That is very cool!
Happy creating,, (()) gail

Lee Laurie said...

Wow! All the furniture is beautiful! I have that same dresser in the third picture and I painted mine 'Cottage white' and I have it in my bedroom. I love the signs too! Congrats on the mention form Rachel! That's great!

Lee Laurie

sara said...

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