Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quick DIY Project

A quick and easy project to dress up an old lamp: First step: check the wiring to make sure it's safe or you can always have the lamp rewired.

I found this lamp at my favorite junk shop. The wiring looked new and in good shape and the lamp worked so here we go:

The first step is to remove the lampshade. (Don't forget to paint the finial if there is one). Sometimes I use the one that is one the lamp, sometimes I replace it with a new one. This one will work fine for what I have planned.

Next you need to make sure the metal base and stand are clean so the paint will adhere. I wiped the whole piece down with ammonia.

Before I begin, I tape the cord to the ground for about 12" so the spray paint does not get on the cord. I start with one coat of Rustoleum clean metal primer. Spray lightly to avoid drips.

Here it is below with one coat of primer. I then use whatever color I want for the base. I spray two to three light coats of paint (waiting a few minutes between coats) until I feel the color is strong enough.

The final step is to embellish or replace the lampshade to match your decor and wallah ... you have a wonderful new lamp!!

I added a vintage inspired flower with a mix of vintage and new silk ribbons.

Thanks for visiting and have fun if you try this project!!

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Elyse said...

holy guacamole, what a fabulous and easy transformation! way to go!

happy september :)